Beauty and the Beast Personalized Book (©Best) Recommended Ages 1-12, Hard cover, 24
pages, deluxe 6" x 9" size.  Includes your child's name, age, hometown and up to three friends.

In this classic tale set in a mysterious, enchanted castle, help Beauty find
true love with the Beast.

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                      Maria Conchita Rivera visits Beauty and the Beast

With love from
Mommy and Daddy

June 12, 2002

One sunny day Maria Conchita Rivera, age 6, was strolling through a park
Selden, New York.  Beautiful red roses were blooming all around her.  
The roses reminded
Maria of the story Grandma and Grandpa had once
read to her.  The story was about a handsome prince who was turned into
an ugly Beast because he was so mean and selfish.

While gazing at one rose,
Maria instantly found herself inside a mysterious
castle courtyard.  From a distance,
Maria could see Beauty pick a lovely
rose blossom.

Suddenly, a frightening voice roared loudly, "Beauty, I will punish you for
stealing that rose from my garden.  You must now stay in my castle

A huge Beast appeared and ordered Beauty to be locked in the highest
tower.  It was an elegant room filled with gowns and treasures fit for a

"I'm so sad," wept Beauty, "I will never see my family again!"

Maria heard Beauty crying and in a snap was in the tower room next to

Maria whispered, "Do not cry, Beauty.  I am your friend and will help you
find true happiness."

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