Personalized Football Star Book (©Best) Recommended Ages 1-12, Hard cover, 24
pages, deluxe 6" x 9" size.  Includes your child's name, age, hometown and up to three

The crowd at the stadium goes wild as you lead your favorite team to a
stunning victory.

Partial sample text of story (The color text below is where your
personalized information would be inserted.):

                           Kevin Garnett Football Star

With love,
Mom and Dad

September 8, 2006

Kevin Garnett, age 6, from Brentwood, New York, loved football.  His
all-time favorite team was the
Redskins and he loved to watch Taylor and
in action.

Best of all, the
Redskins had made it to the Championship, and they were
going to play against the
Cowboys.  The game was going to start in just a
few minutes!  
Kevin was waiting for Tyrone, Joe and Erica to join him in
watching the game.

The crowd in the stadium sang the National Anthem, then gave a mighty
cheer just as the game was about to start.  But
Kevin was getting sleepy.

"I've just got to stay awake for the Championship game," thought
he watched the coin toss.  But Kevin was really tired, and he slowly fell
into a deep sleep.

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