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Garfield loses his teddy bear. Your child solves the mystery and enjoys a tasty

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                     Reginald Rivera and the Search for Pooky

With love,
Mommy and Daddy

June 12, 2006

Reginald Rivera, age 4, was at the zoo near Long Island, New York, when he
saw Garfield and his friends.
Joseph, Rudy, Veronica and James knew how
Reggie loved Garfield.

"I lost my teddy bear, Pooky," Garfield sighed.  "He was with me when I was
eating ice cream, and now he's gone."  

"Are you sure you didn't eat him?" asked Nermal.

"Quiet, Nermal," snapped Garfield, "or I'll sit on you."

"I'll help you find Pooky!" said

Reggie pointed to the ground.  "Look, footprints!  Whoever made these may
have bearnapped Pooky."

Reggie and Garfield followed the footprints.

"Will we find Pooky here?" Arlene asked.

"I hope we don't find a swamp creature instead," said Nermal.

"Arf!" Odie barked.  He wanted to play ball.

"Not now," Garfield said, "I have to look for Pooky"

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