Personalized Kwanzaa Book (©Best) Recommended Ages 1-12, Hard cover, 24 pages,
deluxe 6" x 9" size.  Includes your child's name, age, hometown and up to three friends.

Celebrate Kwanzaa and learn about its traditions on a field trip to an African-
American festival.

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Jonathan Wilson celebrates Kwanzaa at the African-American fair

With love,
Grandma and Grandpa

December 25, 2006

It was a sunny morning in Malverne, New York.  Jonathan Wilson, age 6, was
just entering the African-American Fair with
his class.

All week
Jon had watched as the park was decorated with hay, bamboo, and
colorful banners.  
Jon wished that Grandma and Grandpa were here to see how
it looked like it was in Africa!

"Everyone, look for things you need for Kwanzaa (KWAN-zah)," the teacher
said.  The class had just learned about this very special holiday.

Jon ran up to a stall.  "Look," he cried.  "Here's a Kinara (kee-NAH-ree), the
candle holder!"

The merchant smiled at
Jon.  "Yes, and I have the Mshumaa Saba
(mee-SHOO-mah SAH-bah), too."

"The seven candles,"
Jon said.  "On December 26th, the first night of
Kwanzaa, I'll get to light the first Mshumaa Saba.  Then another candle will be
lit each night until we have our big feast, the Karamu (kah-RAH-moo), on
January 1st."

"You speak Swahili words well," the merchant smiled.

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