Personalized Noah's Ark Book (©Best) Recommended Ages 1-12, Hard cover,
professionally illustrated, 24 pages, deluxe size 9 x 6.  Includes your child's name, age,
hometown and up to three friends.

Become a part of the famous Bible story and travel back in time to join Noah
and all the animals on Noah's Ark.  

Sample text of story (The color text is where your personalized information
would be inserted.):

            Joanne McKeller and the Story of Noah's Ark

With love from
Mommy and Daddy

June 12, 2006

One day Joanne McKeller, age 4,  sat watching the rain fall outside her
bedroom in
Bronx, New York.  Since she had to stay inside, Joanne decided
to play her favorite game, land of make-believe.  
Jessica, Maria, and
Stephanie loved to play make-believe, too.

Today, she decided to pretend to be one of her favorite Bible characters,

Joanne remembered the wonderful story of Noah's Ark and imagined herself
being there instead of Noah.  
Joanne closed her eyes really tightly and
then...ZOOM... she was in another land long, long ago with
Jessica, Maria,

Most of the people in this new place seemed to be mean and hateful.  They
were being selfish and greedy and they were fighting in the street.

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